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  • My philosophy on life and painting

    ”Painting is like living – this moment – this second – will never return.”
    That is why every painting is unique.

    The brushstroke that was made in THAT exact moment, with exactly THAT power and intensity, can never be recreated.

    – Yrsa Dunvad

  • Studio Underground

    Studio “Underground” has an exhibit space of 60 square meters. It has two yearly “open house” arrangements, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. It can also be opened for you if you make an appointment.

    To the “open house” arrangement there is always a really good atmosphere where people enjoy themselves, have a glass of wine and explore the paintings. There are always paintings in all sizes and price ranges.

    My little “Angel paintings” with small text pieces written on them are always really popular, because who does not want to give a guardian angel to one they care about.


I have paintings in all sizes and price ranges – from 500 DKK to 15.000 DKK.

Look at all my current paintings here.